Law of Attraction – How Will the Universe Answer You?
If you’ve read any of my other blogs, you’ll know that I’m a great believer in the law of attraction. In fact, discovering all about it has totally changed my life in lots of different ways. Most significantly, it has had an amazing impact on my relationship, and it is helping to take my career down a new and exciting path.

Do You Just Have To Wish Really Hard?
I used to find that whenever I mentioned the law of attraction to my friends and family, I would get a bit embarrassed and almost apologetic (as if I was revealing a belief in magic or fairies!). Many people aren’t really sure what the law of attraction is, and a common reply would be, “Oh yes, I’ve heard of that. Isn’t that where you wish really hard for something and hope it comes true?”. This view obviously implies that we don’t really need to do much in order to make all our dreams come true. Although this is a lovely concept, it is important that we also put in the effort to make sure our lives move in the direction we want them to. The law of attraction just helps us and eases our way.

Listening Skills
We can use lots of different techniques to help us manifest all our desires. Practices like creative visualisation, meditation and affirmations are all amazing tools that help to focus the mind. I’ve even run a few vision board workshops which have been really successful as well as great fun. These are all practices that I do daily and I can’t recommend them enough as they have helped to change my outlook on life dramatically. So, after all the meditating and visualising, what is supposed to happen? Will you wake up at 3am with a bolt of inspiration? Will you hear strange voices whispering ideas to you? Will you see signs all around you? The answer is that, yes, I think that any or all of those things might happen. The trick is to be able to recognise that the universe is answering you. Have you ever had a recurring dream or kept hearing a certain person’s name? This could be the universe’s way of telling you something. Sometimes the answers are staring you straight in the face, you just need to pay attention.

So Is That Really The Universe Or Just You?
When I first starting finding out about the law of attraction, I kept wondering why people were giving credit to the universe, surely it is just our own brain or subconscious mind that is coming up with all these ideas and making them happen. If you start looking for things, then they are more likely to show up. For example, if you decide you would like to buy a particular car, you will probably find that you keep seeing that make of car everywhere. It’s not that there are suddenly more of them around, it’s just that your mind is looking out for them.
This is how I believe that the law of attraction works – it sharpens your mind to focus on the things you have told it you want- or don’t want! Unfortunately, it can work just as well when we focus on the things we don’t want. If we think or say things like, I’m bound to get the flu, or I’ll never get that promotion, then we are actually inviting these things into our lives. The trick is to tell it the right things, and then to pay attention and be aware when you are being given the signs.
However, as well as your own mind playing a big part in the law of attraction, I also believe that our energy vibration affects what happens in our lives. If we are constantly operating from a low energy vibration, for example when we feel angry, we will attract other low vibrational energy to us in the form of other angry people. Have you ever noticed that when you are out of sorts, everything seems to start going wrong? Conversely, when we are on top of the world, everything slots into place. You might hear people say of someone, ‘they are so lucky, everything always works out perfectly for them’. Maybe they just understand how to use the law of attraction to their benefit.

Get in to The Receiving Mode!
One of my favourite speakers is Esther Hicks, and she talks a lot about energy and the law of attraction. Once we have become clear on what it is we want, the next step is to be ready to receive it, and she calls this ‘getting into the vortex’. She believes that we are always being guided by our emotions. In other words, when we are feeling confident, relaxed and happy, we are heading in the right direction, but when we feel sad, anxious or depressed, we are not being true to ourselves. I’m a great believer in gut instincts and listening to that inner voice. If something feels a bit off, it usually is! So practice paying close attention to the way you feel, and to potential clues and signs all around you. Practice putting out what you would like to get back and see what happens. more you practice, the better you will get at identifying your true path.

Sunday Tip
Make a vision board. Include pictures, images, words and symbols that represent your hopes and aspirations. Put it in a prominent place in your home where you can see it every day.